Our Story

Big Hearts of Fox Valley NFP is a charity organization dedicated to brightening the lives of underprivileged children in our community and in school District 303. We’re committed to identifying and coming together to meet social, emotional and basic needs of those around us. Staffed entirely by volunteers with the assistance of local individuals, families, businesses and local government.

We always knew that giving back to our community would lead a very important role in our lives. It was almost Christmas time and as we were buying way to many gifts for our children, we thought about the little ones that wouldn’t be as fortunate as ours. We decided to reach out to our children’s school social worker to see if there were any families that may have a hard time giving Christmas gifts to their kids. We, like many others, didn’t realize there is a need in our own area. We soon realized that not only is there a need, but there’s a big one. That’s where this all started. In 2014 we helped to fulfill Christmas wishes for kids in need, at our own school.

Some of you may know us as the owners of Excel Automotive Repair. Because of our desire to help even more local children throughout the year, we are working on becoming an official non profit. When coming up with the name, we thought of how this really is such a community effort and how everyone has such big, caring hearts. We came up with the name BIG HEARTS of FOX VALLEY. We hope you will join us in our efforts to make the lives of the children around us a little brighter.

For the past 5 years, we have been coordinating a Christmas gift sponsorship to help the underprivileged children in School District 303 receive gifts from wish lists that they create. We work with D303 school social workers who gather wish list information from families they feel may need some assistance providing Christmas gifts for their children. These wish lists are comprised of a few toy ideas and clothing and shoe sizes. Many of these kids are in need of basic things like winter coats and boots. In 2018, we helped get gifts for 443 kids from birth-8th grade. This year, we are expanding again. We estimate we will have at least 600 children that we will need to get gifts for.

Each year we also have a wrapping party. The entire community is invited to come together to wrap the donated gifts and to celebrate the magic of Christmas. With help from several local community sponsors, there is plenty of food, drinks and entertainment for the entire family. This is a FREE event open to the public and is a great opportunity to show kids about the importance of giving back. In 2018, more than 600 people came together to wrap over 2400 gifts!

As we grow, our plans are to create an event to benefit high school aged kids. We also plan on creating a few other events throughout the year to help these same children from birth -12 grade . We hope to partner with even more community individuals and businesses to help achieve our goal. Thank you to everyone who has already committed to partnering with us to make the lives of the children around us a little brighter.

Thank you so much!

-Jennifer Mobley -Founder/President

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

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