Christmas Gift Sponsorship Program

569. That’s the number of children in 2023 that woke up Christmas morning with gifts under their tree.

Since 2014, we have been coordinating a Christmas Gift Sponsorship Program to help the children in School District 303 receive gifts from wish lists that each family personally creates. Our program is different from many other holiday assistance programs because the sponsor has the chance to feel a special connection with their “adopted” child because the sponsor receives a personalized wish list that the parents have provided to D303 social workers.  These “wish lists” are comprised of a few toy ideas as well as basic items like  clothing, coats and shoes.

When shopping for a child(who remains anonymous), we ask that you purchase 5-10 items from their wish list.  Since this, in many cases, will be the only gifts they receive you can expect to spend around $75 for each child. 

We encourage individuals, families, neighborhoods, PTOs, businesses, teams, churches and other local organizations to partner with us to help us achieve our goal which is to support approx 550 children each year. 

Will you join us in our efforts to make the lives of under-resourced children in D303 around us a little brighter this holiday season?

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A thousand blessings to the donors, to the logistics, to all those who make it possible for our children to have their gifts, everything is a blessing. Our children will be happy to receive so much and it is thanks to your work. Thank you for your time, for your great work of bringing joy to the hearts of so many children and peace of mind to us as parents. We are surprised by your generosity and we learn from it, always grateful, the best energy and best wishes for all of you.

Anonymous Parent

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you as well as their organization of Big Hearts. We have been struggling beyond belief!! Your help and support of clothes and some really great “Santa” presents is humbling but we are SO very thankful for kind people like you! I can actually put something under the tree and she will have some extra clothes instead of the same few outfits!!

Anonymous Parent