Gift Wrapping Party

                                                                                       2022  ANNOUNCEMENT:
Due to the national and global challenges of the past two and a half years, including a pandemic and a looming recession, the needs in our community are greater than ever. Since we are witnessing this deep need locally within our D303 community, our number one focus this year will be making sure that the students/families who are referred to us by D303 social workers will have their needs met throughout the school year, as well as Christmas time.                               
In order to focus our resources directly where they are most needed, on the children of D303, we are sadly going to be taking a break from our gift wrapping party this year. We will be putting our efforts towards our Christmas Sponsorship, Warm Coats & Warm Hearts and Big Hearts Throughout the Year programs as these directly impact low-income families in D303.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
We need your continued support now more than ever! Please make a donation, sign up to shop for gifts for a child for Christmas or learn how you can donate much needed items such as new toys, gift cards, wrapping paper or board games. We appreciate each one of you who help make Christmases brighter, winters warmer and every day easier for the children of D303!